First Snowfall Over One Inch

First Snowfall Over One InchIt’s getting cold outside so Fosters Heating & Air Conditioning decided to “heat things up” with a little contest to see which one of our customers could guess the first day in which Cedar Rapids, Iowa or Marion, Iowa receive at least one inch of snowfall.
The weather in Iowa can be extreme and unpredictable so why not make a game of it, right!?

If you can correctly guess the first day in the fall or winter of 2017 with one or more inches of snow accumulation, you can WIN!




Basic Rules:

    • You must be a Linn Co., IA resident.
    • All entries must be received by October 3rd, 2017 to qualify.
    • Only ONE entry per person. First entry / guess posted is the only one that will be counted.
    • You must POST your guess date on the Fosters Facebook page AND through this official entry on our website.
    • If more than 1 person selects the correct date, up to 3 winners will be chosen based on their entry date and time

In other words: The first 3 to get it right, win!