The perfect climate is, of course, extremely important when it comes to how comfy your home feels but there are other things to consider that will up the “cozy factor” a few notches as well.
Incorporate a few of these tips into your home and you and your guests will find your home a comfortable haven in any weather.

Get rid of all that junk!

We’re a nation of people that likes our “stuff” but sometimes too much stuff can make a house feel more like a junk yard. De-clutter your space and get the air and energy flowing in a way that breathes life into your home and you!

We often get so used to being in our own spaces that we don’t really see them for what they are. When we get too familiar with the spaces around us, we lose perspective and our five senses become dull and uninspired and junk begins to accumulate right under our noses. Hey, we’ve all been there!
Here are a few quick clutter-hacks that can get you on your path to a truly comfy and inviting home.

Attack Your Stacks!  

Get rid of stacks of mail by purchasing a decorative basket or box. Place that box near the entryway or in your office and let it collect there, out of sight. The same technique can be used with remote controls. Use a decorative basket and place it on the coffee or end table. No more searching for the remote- it’s always in the basket!
Magazines and books littering the living room? Place a magazine rack next your favorite sofa or chair.
To organize clutter in the bathroom, consider purchasing an attractive storage container with a handle on top. Keep all of your bathroom accessories in this container and store it under the sink. When you are using it, it’s easy to pull out onto the counter and just as easy to put away when you’ve finished.

Just these few simple ideas can make a big difference in the clutter level of your home.
You’ll be surprised how quick these easy and inexpensive touches can help make a house into a comfy home.

Stay Comfy, my friends…