The perfect climate is, of course, extremely important when it comes to how comfy your home feels but there are other things to consider that will up the “cozy factor” a few notches as well. Incorporate a few of these tips into your home and you and your guests will find your home a comfortable haven in any weather.

It’s all about the little things…

It doesn’t take a fancy designer or a degree in textiles or interior design to spruce up a home in such a way that makes you sigh with relief when you get home and will have your guests commenting on how comfy and at home they feel when they visit.

One quick and inexpensive way to make a home feel welcoming is to include a multitude of living greenery.  Fake plants may be easier to take care of but nothing gives a home a lived-in and comfortable feel like lush green plants and flowers. ComfyTip1

Each main living area of your home should include at least two living plants or flower bouquets or a combination of the two. Sure, you can add some faux plants in too but don’t cheat yourself of the good feelings the real green can bring.

Soften the lines! Harsh, straight lines caused by some of the more modern furniture or just a lot of square or  rectangular design elements can create a very cold or unwelcoming feel. Try instead to incorporate round rugs,  different shapes of pillows, curved accent pieces and soft textured fabrics in the room to offset straight furniture or  lines.

You’ll be surprised how quick these easy and inexpensive touches can make a house into a comfy home.

 Stay Comfy, my friends…