The perfect climate is, of course, extremely important when it comes to how comfy your home feels but there are other things to consider that will up the “cozy factor” a few notches as well.
Incorporate a few of these tips into your home and you and your guests will find your home a comfortable haven in any weather.

Start at your front door

FrontdoorExpectations of your guests begin at the curb. Iowa weather can be rough and wreak havoc on our landscaping but there is no excuse for a dirty front stoop. Keep your entry clean and place a bright and friendly welcome mat outside the door to welcome guests to your home and immediately decrease your stress levels upon returning home.
Want to boost that good feeling? Add a cute sign next to the front door that welcomes a guest or makes you smile.

Once the door is open, pay attention to the first thing you see. If it’s a bland hall or entryway, try sprucing it up with a big leafy plant, if you have room. Offer something for the eye that adds color and life to the space.Entryway

Once inside the front door pay special attention to what you can see from that spot and be sure that the farthest point, that you can see from the door, has a designer touch. Perhaps you could paint the wall across from the door a rich or bold accent color, add unique or warm lighting, feature a beautiful piece of artwork or greenery. Whatever you do within this initial view of your home will set the tone of the space and can create a comfy and inviting feeling for your guests…and for you!

Stay Comfy, my friends…