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Were you aware that Fosters Heating & Air and Kraus Plumbing & Heating have merged to become one company?
Were you aware that Fosters now offers a full range of PLUMBING services?
Is your current heating & cooling system more than 10 years old?
Do you have your heating & cooling system checked and maintained each year?
Does knowing that you can call ONE business (Fosters) for Heating & Cooling AND Plumbing services make you more likely to hire Fosters?
Which local news channel do you watch most?
Which CABLE news channel do you watch most?
What time of day do you typically watch the news?
How do you watch television?
What time of day do you listen to the radio most?
Which radio stations do you listen to most frequently? (Choose 2)
Which cable or satellite channel do you watch most frequently?
Which OTHER cable or satellite channels do you watch most frequently? (Choose 2)
What time of day or night do you typically watch TV?
Which DAYS of the week do you watch the most TV? (Choose 3)
If you use review sites, which one do you use most frequently?
Which company do you currently use for heating and cooling services?
If you are not currently a loyal Fosters & Kraus customer, would you consider joining our family of customers this year?