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Be sure to take our survey! Upon completing this survey, your entry will be submitted for a chance to win the Fosters Heating & Cooling Giveaway.
Two lucky winners will receive either a high efficiency furnace OR central air unit for their home. This sweepstakes is only available to residents who live within Linn County, Iowa.

Information gathered from the survey will be used by Fosters to determine the best methods of communicating with our customers and the products and services that they value most.  Survey information will not be sold to third parties and will be kept strictly confidential.

We love to hear from our customers! If you are already a Fosters Heating and Air customer, we want you to have an additional opportunity to win. Once you have completed the survey, leave us a review on Angie’s List and earn an additional entry in the giveaway as a “thank you” from Fosters.

Submit your entries today! You never know… YOU may be the next Fosters Heating and Cooling Giveaway winner!!

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Current Age Range


Is your current heating and cooling system more than 10 years old?

Do you have your heating and cooling system checked and maintained each year?

Which local news channel do you watch most frequently?

Which cable news channel do you watch most?

What time of day do you typically watch the news?

Which provider do you use for cable TV?

What time of day do you listen to music or the radio most?

Which radio stations do you listen to most frequently?

Which cable or satellite channels do you watch most? (Please choose your 3 most watched channels)

What are your 2 favorite cable TV Shows?

What time of the day or night do you typically watch TV?

Which days of the week do you watch the most TV? (Choose 3)

In the past year, have you utilized a review site (Angie’s List, Yelp, etc.) in order to help you make a service or purchasing decision? If so, please list the Review site you use.

When in need of heating or cooling service, where do you search for contact information?

Which company do you currently use for your heating and cooling needs?

If you are not currently a loyal Fosters customer, would you consider joining our family of customers this year?

We love to stay connected with our customers. Are you connected with us on: (choose all that apply)

We’d love to get your feedback. If there are any additional comments or suggestions you have, please leave them below. If you are in need of Fosters services or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us directly at:  377-6325

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Winners of the Fosters Heating & Cooling Sweepstakes will be announced via our website as well as via social media such as Facebook, and Google+ .

We wish you the best of luck!!